What Is Organic Search Marketing?

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Good News: Thousands of people are asking for what you have to offer

Great News: most of them will end up buying it

Not So Great News: it will probably be from someone else.

That’s where an organic search marketing company can help!

Organic search marketing services begin with insuring the on-page SEO of a website is tuned up. Is the way the site is built, the stuff behind the scenes, helping or hampering the search engine spiders? In other words, can Google index the site? What about Bing or Yahoo?

Do the search engines know what the website is about? Do they have to guess or have them been told? Page title may be one of the most critical things to get right. The page title tells the engine what that page is about. What about keyword usage? Know what keywords ought to be used? (BTW, any web design firm that isn’t asking for keyword information or offering to do the research is not doing their due diligence)

The rest of organic search marketing is primarily about link building and content publishing. The site needs content that bother users and Google find relevant and authoritative. Links from external sites tell the search engines how popular the site is (popular usually means useful).

Any of the first page position in Google’s SERPs (search engine results) is valuable. Obviously, the positions above “the fold” are the most valuable (extremely so). No legitimate SEO company will guarantee first page listings but, depending on the level of competition within the specific market and the condition of the site to begin with, it is safe to say that an expert SEO or SEM firm can greatly improve search engine ranking.

Organic search marketing is the place to begin for anyone wanting to succeed with internet marketing.

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