Organic Search Listings the New HR Tool

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Obviously, ranking high in the Google organic search results, or any of the search engines for that matter, is helpful for businesses trying to sell products and services on the web. But that isn’t all.

Organic search is a powerful tool for the HR professional.

Resumes will soon be a thing of the past ( soon is a relative term ). They simply aren’t needed. One of any number of social media profiles can accomplish the same thing. Actually, a good HR person, or whoever is researching potential employees or job applicants, can use the search engine to come up with a composite of multiple social media profiles for a person.

From professional profiles like those on LinkedIn to the personal profiles on MySpace or Facebook, there’s a ton of information out there on job candidates (and current employees). Some of that info is manageable by the person (i.e. personal profiles) while some of it is generated by others a la online review (i.e. Blog Post: My Psycho Ex Boss).

Some people take advantage of personal CV tools like They may also create their website to serve as a personal resume/dossier/portfolio/CV/whatever.

Who will find the information first? The hirer or the hire-ee ?

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